To find great residents, you need to provide a well-maintained home that’s priced competitively. Another thing that might help you attract the best residents is professional property management. Good residents prefer to work with San Jose property managers over individual landlords. If you’re wondering why that is, we have some answers.

Professional Property Managers are Available to Residents

Residents appreciate property managers who are responsive, available, and accessible. It’s hard for self-managing landlords to provide residents and properties the same level of attention. Emergencies are always unexpected, and if something happens, residents want to feel secure in the knowledge that someone will respond right away. Most professional property managers are available 24 hours a day. Residents can count on someone being on call no matter what day of the week or hour of the day it happens to be.

Property Managers Know the Law

Property management companies can be counted on to know the federal, state, and local laws that pertain to landlords and residents. Residents feel more secure when a professional property manager is in charge because we will be mindful of what’s appropriate and legal. Property managers aren’t going to show up at the home unannounced the way landlords might. We will be more respectful of a resident’s privacy and the terms of the lease agreement.

As property managers, we are bound by professional and ethical obligations. We’re regulated by the California Real Estate Commission. Everything we do is documented, and we go through frequent trainings to ensure we are up to date on everything we need to know. We understand the rights that residents have, and we follow the law to the letter. Self-managing landlords don’t always know the law.

Ability to Respond Quickly

Property managers can respond faster to maintenance issues and questions because property management is all we do. Self-managing landlords are often conflicted because they have other obligations such as family, careers, and other passions. They might go on vacation or take time off, which leaves residents without a contact person if something goes wrong. Property managers have the ability to respond to emergency maintenance with a team of qualified, licensed, and insured vendors who know what they’re doing. A resident knows that individual landlords don’t have the maintenance resources or relationships to respond right away. If a landlord doesn’t already have a plumber he or she trusts, it’s going to be difficult to find someone who will respond to a leak in the middle of the night.

Property Managers are Prepared and Proactive

Frustrated man at laptop in coffee shopSelf-managing landlords can be great, but they can also be less than great. Residents know that, and they prefer to work with property managers, who are often more reliable and consistent. Processes and systems are likely to be in place, and there won’t be any question about how rent is collected, repairs are performed, and leases are renewed. It provides residents with a sense of security and trust. They have a better sense of what to expect when a property is professionally managed.

If you have any questions about professional San Jose property management, please don’t hesitate to contact us at PURE Property Management.